MEMPACK MBR plants are complete Membrane Bioreactor packaged units in mono-block structures that have external dimensions equivalent to ISO containers. These units are easy to transport, install and relocate. They are ready for above ground installation and capable to treat municipal sewage or tailored to various industrial wastewater treatment applications.

MEMPACK package units are proprietary designs of Euromarket based on Membrane Bioreactor technology. MBR is a high rate purification process that combines aerobic biological treatment and micro-filtration through submerged membranes as a solids separation stage replacing the traditional secondary clarifiers.

The key benefit from using MEMPACK package units is the superior effluent quality that can be recycled and reused for irrigation or cleaning. In addition, the highly efficient membrane filtration allows maintaining high sludge concentrations in the reactors with values significantly higher than those obtained in conventional systems this increases the system's purifying capacity in smaller process volumes with higher sludge age and consequently reduced in excess sludge production.

MEMPACK package units are offered in different models with respect to capacities and are complete systems fully equipped for automatic operation via a central control panel with PLC. The machinery compartment is integrated into the monoblock structure. Standard units are available in N (BOD oxidation and Nitrification) or DN (Denitrification, BOD oxidation and Nitrification) versions.

MEMPACK package units can be tailored to be integrated into conventional plants as a replacement of the clarification and filtration stage.